What Can we Learn from Rocks?


When we think about rocks what comes to our mind, are solid substances that are found everywhere but what can we learn from these rocks more than just solid irregular or regular shaped solids . Throughout my life have been fascinated by nature, and all the invisible forces that operate and reshape our planet, have always had so many questions that I kept asking myself in an attempt to understand these natural forces which modify and reshape our planet, only to find that the answers have been searching for, lies beneath my feet and it's written on the rocks.

landscape lake canyon, sandstone, sedimentary rocks

Natural invisible Forces That Reshape Rocks.

The earth is shaped by invisible forces which have operated over billions of years, the invisible force always lives a message imprinted on these rocks, telling us a story that had occurred million to billion years ago and can help us to uncover the mystery behind these natural forces, by studying these rocks we can deduce and understand the environmental condition that prevailed long before humans, allowing us to assume states and condition in which our planets will be in future.

lagoon, water false, lake fault, rocks structures, geology.
Waterfall Lagoon 

Significance Of Rocks to Man

Within these rocks we can find the remaining past life forms that existed and are now extinct, these same rocks have been used to describe ages in human history such as the stone age in which rocks were extensively used by man. Rocks have played a crucial role in our civilization as they are the raw materials that we use to build our infrastructure and it’s from these rocks we extract metals and minerals that have been used to build our modern civilization described as the computer age.

stone age tools, history , uses of Rocks , geologic time
Stone Age tools

Significance Of Rocks To Life On Earth

When they are broken down, soils are formed from which plants derive their nutrients,  hence rocks are necessary ingredients for the survival of life on this planet, and it’s from these rocks that we obtain most of jewelry and gems to add value and elegance to our life. Generally,  we continue filtering our resources from these rocks throughout human civilizations.

growing plant, soil, weathering , growth, sedimentary, seed.
Growing plant


On this blog, I will be blogging about different types of rocks and minerals concerning the messages they bear and their economic significance so that we can appreciate and understand the workings of our dynamic planet, So if you are interested in learning about rocks then stay alert and follow this blog to learn and be informed of our magnificent earth and all its marvelous aspects.

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